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Beck's Place

This is where I live. This spring saw a herd of over 100 elk coming to check out the grazing behind the house up on the hill. Over a period of two weeks I saw them almost nightly.

I am are located up a valley aiming off a main valley where the Clark Fork River flows in Western Montana with a ski resort 15 minutes up the road. The land immediately adjacent behind the house is 1800 acres of National Elk Refuge. I am fully in awe of the fact that I am allowed to share thier land and have done my best to enhance the habitat by weed control and planting of native grasses and vegetation on my small acreage.

Blessed with seasonal visits of deer, elk, bear, and coyotes singing in the distance and with daily visits by the resident deer one might think I run a game farm. At the bird feeder you even have the occasional visit by wild turkeys that hop up to the rail of the deck you see (seen this spring 1999) and sample the black sunflower seeds kept for the variety of wild birds which come from afar. Last winter 1998, I even had two racoons who decided to have dinner there one night.

Life is good.

This is the center of the home which invites friends to hopefully feel welcome and comfortable.

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